Water Gun Fight Drains Famous San Diego Pond

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SAN DIEGO, CA. (CNN) - San Diego Park officials say vandals caused more damage to a popular lily pond than meets the eye.
They say most, if not all, of the Kio fish and lilies in the Balboa Park pond will die after three feet of water was drained from the pond overnight.
John Carroll reports.

San Diego Parks and Rec Director Stacey Lomedico could barely contain her disgust and sadness over what happened last night to the famous lily pond.
"This is horrible.  This is absolutely horrible.  This is a treasure."
the event was advertised all over social media... It was no secret.
One website identified the organizer as a man named Ken St. Pierre.
A person who was here told 10-news everything started out fine.
But it wasn't long before people started jumping into the lily pond to fill up their water guns.
You can hear the screaming of partiers as the water flew.
Then at some point, someone broke off this critical drain pipe... Designed to catch overflow water in the pond.
The water down to less than a foot.. All the Kio fish struggling to survive.
"it's disgusting.  It's very sad.  This is a local beauty.  People come from everywhere to look at this pond and.... It breaks my heart."
this woman who only wanted to give us her first name of Tex is a San Diegan who's been coming to Balboa Park for decades.
She's outraged that anyone could be so callous... So disrespectful of one of San Diego’s most special places.
"It should not have been done.  People need to respect stuff... Other people's stuff.  Go home and kill your own fish, kill your own plants.  Just don't do it in a public place."
the partiers also damaged the fountain in the plaza de panama.
You can see here a water pistol was still floating around in it

There is no surveillance video because there are no cameras in that area.  
However, police are reviewing videos taken at the event.  
City crews spent most of the day cleaning up the mess.