Sizzling Summer Spurs Spike In Spiders

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Record breaking temperatures and dry conditions in the Midwest means more spiders in your house and home. Entomologist Jason Everitt weaves a web of a frightening tale. He says those things that creep and crawl around while you sleep are on the rise thanks to this summer's drought.

Lots of brown recluse but also, "Black widows and I think thats a little more from the temperatures outside pushing them into garages and things like that." said Jason Everitt.

Everitt is an entomologist with Rottler Pest Control. He's like CSI, but a critter scene inspector of insects.

"You're in a crawl space or you're in an attic with hundreds of these and you step on the insulation and you just see the insulation move." said Jason Everitt.

They're moving into your homes those brown recluse's and black widows.   

"They don't spin a large web like a charlotte's web type.  Those are orb weavers typically found near  lights around the perimeters of the house.  This here spins a small web and they use that as a defense mechanism to retreat once they go out and hunt and bite whatever food source they have going after and that's to protect them." said Jason Everitt.

To protect yourself, call the entomologist experts and put the bug in a body bag, or a zip lock.  That way they can tell what's eating you.

With cooler temperatures at night, arachnids are gonna stay on the rise.

"When it gets cool in the evening, they're going to push towards the house cause then again.  Our temperature is a nice temperature for them." said Jason Everitt.

I told you he could spin a good tale to give you shivers.

Patrick Clark, News 11.