Presidential Campaign Heats Up

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(CNN) - Campaign 2012 gets a massive momentum boost today.  Following Mitt Romney's pick for a running mate, four men presumed to be at the top of their party's tickets fan out across the country for some serious campaigning.  Stacey Cohan has the story.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are now part of a single political sentence....hoping to lead their republican party to the White House in November.  But the pair have decided to divide and conquer on the campaign trail...with Romney heading to Florida.
The president's plan for our budget deficit was to make it worse.  And Paul Ryan and I are going to get American to cut our spending.
Ryan's 2011 plan to cut spending included radical changes to Medicaid.   The newly minted candidate makes his solo-debut campaigning at the Iowa state fair.  

Ryan faced a few hecklers.  Two women were escorted out...but the candidate continued his campaign message..
As you see the president come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question that I’m getting asked from people all around America and that is, where are the jobs Mr. President?
President Obama is on a 3 day bus tour in that same state....promising aid to drought-ravaged farms and pushing for passage of a comprehensive farm bill.
Governor Romney’s new running mate Paul Ryan might be around Iowa these next few days.  And he's one of those leaders of congress standing in the way.
Vice President Joe Biden, who congratulated the man he will have to debate in the fall, clocked some campaign time in North Carolina.
But I truly believe that the American people will reject Romney and Ryan.    
While the president hits 7 Iowa cities in the next three days...Governor Romney remains in the must-win state of Florida...which also happens to be hosting the republican national convention later this month.
I'm Stacey Cohan reporting.