Jaco – Centrist Republicans Are Now Extinct

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Mitt Romney's choice of congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate says two things. One, Romney's not afraid to have a conversation about some of Ryan's economic proposals. Tax cuts for corporations, changing Medicaid and cutting the amount of money it has; Turning medicare into a voucher system. Two, It says moderate republicans are as dead as the Rams offensive line.

The moderate wing of the GOP was lead by people like former Missouri senator John Danforth. They were pro-business economic conservatives but were not strident about social issues.  We know all about congressman Ryan's economic prescriptions and the contrioversey they've generated. But it turns out confgressman Ryan is also a three-star general in the culture wars.

For example, not much of it is made now, but congressman Ryan at least used to believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. In his 1998 campaign for congress in Wisconsin Ryan said it was fine with him if states criminally prosecute women who've had abortions.

On gay marriage, Ryan's also a hard liner. He voted for the defense of marriage act in 2003. But he's gone further. In 2004 and 2006 he supported and voted for an amendment to the US constitution that would outlaw gay marriage anywhere in the United States. Since congress runs things in the District of Columbia congress voted in 1999 on preventing same-sex couples from adoting children in DC. Ryan was all in favor of it.

So rest in peace, Danforth republicans. You've been replaced by GOP candidates who want ther government to stay out of peoples lives, except for their bedrooms.

I'm charles Jaco and that's Jacology.