Waterloo Residents On Edge About Man Approaching Children

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WATERLOO, IL. (KPLR) - Police in the Waterloo Illinois area are looking for a suspicious man who’s been approaching children. Authorities said it’s happened at least three times in less than a month.  Waterloo Police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department are working together on the case.

One incident occurred in Waterloo the other two happened in the county.  Police said they are looking for a white man who is 30 to 40 years old.  He’s driving a white pickup truck.  In one case he followed a ten year old boy for several blocks until the boy ran to a neighbor’s home for safety.  The driver has slowed down to stare at a five year old girl and he’s pulled up to a seven year old girl to ask where she lived.

He apparently has not broken any laws but the reports have made parents nervous.  Heather Liefer has three children, “Very creepy, I don’t know what a grown man would be doing talking to a child he doesn’t know.”

Jeff Prosise with the Waterloo Police added, “The person we’re looking at has not done anything as far as trying to grab a child yet he has done some things that are a little awkward.”  Police want to find the man and talk to him to clear things up.  A dog has also been seen riding in the man’s truck and some people wonder if the animal is being used to lure kids to the vehicle.  Police are asking parents to be vigilant and they’d like the adults to remind children about stranger danger rules.