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Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

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AUSTIN, TX.  (CNN) - Young lovers thought they were having a private moment, as the guy proposed to his girl. It turns out; an amateur photographer was in the right place at the right time.
Now, as Morgan Chesky reports, the couple's love story has gone viral.

When it comes to love, everyone has a story.  
Popped the question in the kitchen of her condo.
It was in the winter in Chicago, and there was a snow storm.   
For Joel Bush, it's been a story in the works ever since he met Jen Orr, a story he planned to add to a few nights ago at the Texas capitol.  
Do you always carry?
Every day, everywhere.
What he didn't plan on was crossing paths with U.T. senior Patrick Lu, and his camera.  
And what tipped you off to the fact that this guy was about to propose?
My friend spotted it.
And Patrick snapped it. Pulling off a near perfect shot, as bush knelt down, asking Orr to marry him. All this, in just a few seconds.
You just have to predict these things and approach it correctly, or else you just miss the shot. I went back to my friend to show her, and look at my results, and then, they were gone.

The photo turned out so well, Lu posted it on Reddit, a site where user votes can get one photo a lot of attention.
Yeah, I didn't really expect it to be that popular.  I just expected it to get like my usual like 50, 50 upvotes.
Only this time, the votes kept coming. A few hours later, the candid proposal was Reddit's top post. Social media site Mashable even featured it on their home page.  
I checked the post, and then, there was a link saying that the guy found it.
On his twitter page, Joel Bush wrote, what, the what?! Thank you, internet! Congratulations poured in, connecting the couple with their surprise photographer. As for a copy of the real photo, Lu isn't asking for much.  
Coffee would be nice.   
You got to get something out of it, right?
Coffee and maybe a slice of cheesecake tomorrow or something like that.
A coffee and some cheesecake, not a bad price to pay for a captured love story that's only begun.

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