Possible Valuable Meteorite Falls To Earth In St. Clair

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ST. CLAIR, MO. (KPLR) - Folks in St. Clair, Missouri are hunting for something that fell from outer space and could be worth a lot of money.  Mona Marler and her husband Rick were sitting on the deck of their St. Clair, Missouri home Wednesday night when they saw the fire ball.

And now she and others are searching for a possible meteorite. She`s seen shooting stars before but nothing like this.

Mona Marler: It was right there in front of us and you could see the fire you could see the tail you could see it burning and when it came down you could see it land in the field.

Meteorites can be very valuable.

Eric Gustaffon: They can be thousands of dollars there was a find in Kansas a number of years back where it was an extremely large meteorite that stay intact and do to the type of meteorite it was dubbed the million dollar meteorite.

Mona and her husband didn`t find anything overnight but they did smell something and believe they saw evidence of the meteor.

Mona Marler: You could see the smoke in the flashlight and smell something burning but it was not of wood it was like a sulphur smell.

Experts at the St. Louis Science Center say it`s possible a meteor landed nearby but very unlikely. Many are the size of a grain of sand and they usually burn up before they get to earth. And even though it seemed very bright it may be far away. A few years ago a fireball was seen by St. Louisans but it turned out it was hundreds of miles away.

Eric Gustaffon/St. Louis Science Center: The fall actually occurred in Wisconsin it was seen this far south as well.

Mona Marler: It`s a once in a lifetime thing.

She and her husband plan to use metal detectors as they continue to search the area in St. Clair, Roche Madden FOX2 News.

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