Mendte – A Small Percent Of The Country Will Decide The Election

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) – Over the next three months, you will see a lot of national polls showing who is ahead and who is behind in this presidential election, let me show you why they don`t really matter

There are about 313 million people in the United States .  245 million of them are eligible to vote , they are over 18, etc. A little over 70 percent of them or 170 million are registered. Of the registered voters,  a little over 60 percent have voted in the past few presidential elections.  This year that number should be around 115 million people who will vote in this election.

So 115 million voters will decide this election?  No. Most of those voted don`t really count because the popular vote doesn`t decide the election, the Electoral College does.  So we go state by state .

We know how most states are going to go- most voters in New York and California will vote for Barrack Obama.  Most voters in Texas and Georgia will go for Mitt Romney. The campaigns will tell you that 12 states will decide this election, making up about 30 percent of the expected vote  or about 35 million people. Now we know a little over 1/3 percent of those voters will vote democratic and a little over a third will vote republican -

This leaves  just under 9 million voters or less than 3% of the population who will decide the election and select the next president of the United States.Over 2 billion dollars will be spent to woo those 9 million voters.

 So if you are a moderate, independent living in suburban Cleveland , Grand Rapids, Philadelphia or Albuquerque   you should be feeling pretty special right now.  The future of the free world is in your hands.

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