Artist Adding Color To Across St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - Turning something ugly, into something beautiful.  Fox2's wade smith has more on how an artist is adding color across st. Louis.

Its part of our city that can appear to be colorless, defined in shades of grey.

The alley way represents the sweeping it under the rug and its a sport where everything ugly happens

For Jacob Schmidt, he believes the alleys of St. Louis needed a shot of color.

And the city agreed with Jacob, allowing the opportunity to turn a fleet of giant trash containers into works of art.

It all comes from wanting to make a difference, wanting to change what is there and take it out of the norm and make it something beautiful and colorful.

The colors pop and the ideas pop.

If this doesn’t have to be ugly then why does everything else have to be.

To pay for the materials to paint the cans he found contributors willing to finance his vision.

I was surprised actually.  I was surprised that so many people could donate so much to beautifying a city.

Reaching out to the community, he found fellow artists and friends wanting to add color to a colorless part of the city.

Just the chance to be able to make someone smile on their way thru town and to see something that makes their day brighter.  Because, the urban landscape is upsetting sometimes and to be able to brighten someone's day is great.

For 30 seconds to make someone smile, that’s the best thing about art.  Making something ugly into something beautiful.

It going to be like a mobile art show.

It’s just a garbage can.

Beauty should be free.

Not satisfied to hang up his paint brush yet.  Jacob has his eyes on another project to paint.

My next project is to do the street trucks; you see them everywhere and there ugly.

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