Jaco – The Connection Between Crime & Legal Firearms

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Gun laws have no connection to gun violence. That must be true. I read it on facebook. Specifically, I read it in response to some facebook posts of mine saying that, "Every person who wanted the assault weapon ban overturned and every person who wanted to make it legal to buy thousands of rounds of ammo is partly responsible for the slaughter in Colorado."

So, the easy availability of guns has nothing to do with shooting crimes? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present in rebuttal; The city of St. Louis. In the city of St. Louis people under age 18 have a greater chance of being killed by a gun than in any other city except New Orleans. In the city of St. Louis people of all ages are in more dasnger of dying from gunshots than in any but five other American cities.

So, where do all these guns come from? Let's crunch some numbers. In 2010, for example,  1,400 guns were seized at city crime scenes by police. Of those 1,400 guns 400 had been stolen from someone's home or car. But the vast majority of those guns, a thousand of them, were legally purchased weapons. An average of nine years elapsed between the guns legal purchase and its use in a crime.

What that means is that the vast majority of guns being used by criminals to hurt other people in St. Louis were legally purchased. They were never stolen. They were  sold or given to a relative or friend who sold or gave them away again, etcetera, etcetra until they end up used in a crime.

That means we need some things that won't happen. We need tight regulations on selling or giving away a firearm. We neeed tight regulations on ammo purchases. And we'll get none of that because there's no connection between gun laws and gun crime. The same way there's no connection between the sun and light.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.