Car Slams Into Children’s Bedroom In California

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EAST PALO ALTO, CA. (CNN) - A woman and her two young children are lucky to be alive, after a car smashed into their house, trapping them inside a bedroom.  Karina Rusk reports police haven't been able to find the driver who abandoned the car after the crash.

The damage itself is daunting enough, but it takes on new meaning when you know that beneath the debris is a bassinet which held this baby.  Two-month-old Laylah, three-year-old Shaun, and their mother were all sound asleep.

"All of a sudden, the car just came right in and went right towards the bassinet, and all I heard was her screaming, and then my three-year-old son was screaming. My little brother had to come in and break our door down to get us of of the room, because it was only half-way smashed."

Not only could the family see the danger, they could smell it.  

"Smoke from the radiator and a lot of gas smell from the gas meter."

The gas was quickly shut off, and Sarah believes a bookcase against the wall may have saved her and the children from being seriously hurt.
No one in the car bothered to make sure.

"We're getting reports of possibility two people fled from the vehicle or maybe up to four."

The speeding black Cadillac left a long line of skid marks leading up to the crash and actually slammed into another house first with such force bricks went flying.  

"The lamps are broken, the window's broken, the tabletop is broken."

Everyone who sees or hears about the trail of destruction knows the impact could have been much worse.

"Buildings I can fix, but baby gets hurt, guess what. My hands are tied. I can't do it. Almightly does."

Just to be cautious, Sarah did take both of her children to the hospital, which gave everyone the reassurance they needed.  

"I was scared, but now I'm not scared no more."

"I'm just really thankful right now. Still a little shook up, but a little bit better. Looking forward to thinking of it as a memory."
The registered owner lives in Alameda, California.  Police are following up on leads, looking for at least two men and one woman.