Bissinger’s Chocolate-Covered Raspberries

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(KPLR) - Bissinger's Handcrafted Chief Chocolatier Dave Owens talks with Christine Buck about a special treat only available until July 31 - handcrafted chocolate-covered raspberries (which are locally grown and hand-picked daily).

The Bissinger family began creating their fine delicacies in 17th-century Paris. Bissinger's confections were once enjoyed by King Louis XIV and were served as a gift by Napoleon Bonaparte to his beloved Josephine upon his return from battle. In fact, Karl Frederic Bissinger, the company's namesake, was named the Confiseur Imperial, or "Confectioner of the Empire," for excellence in the confectionery arts by Emperor Louis Napoleon.

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Bissinger's phone number: 314.367.9750

You can purchase the chocolate-covered raspberries at any of Bissinger's locations, through their web-site, or by calling and placing an order.