Bernthal – I’m Better For Having Known John Gadson

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - There are many of my co-workers who knew John Gadson better than I did and were visiting him right up to the end of his life.

But I still wanted to share a few lasting impressions John made on me.

I first met John before KPLR-11 and FOX 2 shared services and so John and I competed against each other on a number of stories.

What I remember most are two things.  One, what a great guy he was. He was the nicest person with a great laugh and a smile.

The other thing I remember was how much pride he took in his work and how competitive he was.  He set out to beat me on every story we chased.

So John, thank you for showing me how to be friendly and competitive at the same time.

There are alot of people who learned from you.  I'm just fortunate that I was one of them.

I'm a better reporter from competing against you in the old days and I'm a better person for having worked with you here.

John, thanks for everything.