Kentucky Man Charged With Stealing From Dead Girlfriends Body

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Caneyville, KY. (CNN) -  A man in Kentucky is arrested after an alleged theft in an unusual place.  Police say he was attending a funeral when he was spotted taking jewelry off a body.
And as Daniel Kemp found out, police say the suspect had a relationship with the deceased woman.  

"I've never seen anything like it. I've been a police officer for 20 plus years"

For Officer Anthony Clark... Never has he responded to a crime at this funeral home... Right up the street from his department.

"They said that they had a person that was acting strange and an allegation had been made a ring was missing."

That person is 33-year-old William Mitchell.  Police say he showed up to the Dermitt-Joyce funeral home in June... During a funeral for a woman he knew.

"He had had a relationship with the deceased; I think it was a boyfriend-girlfriend. But that's why he was there."

And Mitchell has now been indicted by a Grayson County grand jury for theft... After he allegedly took a ring right off that woman's hand.   

"It was on her finger in the casket. It was taken from her body"

Clark says Mitchell never admitted to stealing the ring... But fessed up to breaking into someone's car outside the funeral home.

"We were in this very room and the people pulled up out front and came in and said 'Our car's been broken into.' We went outside to look at their car and then he admitted, he said 'Yes, I did it.'"

Police say they recovered a stolen cell phone... A wallet... Cash and a credit card.

Clark says he was even able to get back that ring... So it could be returned to the woman who was wearing it.      

"My main concern was getting the ring back to that family."
According to local news station WLKY, Mitchell is being indicted on two counts of theft by unlawful taking.