17 Pound Lobster Released Back To The Wild

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NIANTIC, CT. (CNN) - A Connecticut man couldn't bear to see a giant lobster's life end on the dinner plate. So he did what any nice guy with a soft heart would do.  He bought the crustacean and released it back into the ocean in a secret location.

John Carlton has the story.  
One-and-a-half pounders.
The dock restaurant in Niantic sells a lot of good-sized lobsters, but one lobster really tipped the scale.

It's 7-point-2.
Add another 10-pounds to that and you've got "Larry".

A small dog. He was huge, gave me a good workout this weekend.  

(Reporter: Did you put a leash on him?)

Ha, nope. We didn't take him for any walks.

Kristen Eighme was Larry, the 17-pound lobster's nanny.

I didn't kiss him. I don't kiss and tell.  

There wasn't even a kiss goodbye. Thankfully for Larry goodbye didn't mean he became a meal.

(Reporter: Was he scheduled for someone's dinner plate?)

Yes he was.

Don Mackenzie, an admitted lobster-lover, to eat that is, became Larry’s savior. The "boats, inc." v-p bought the big boy for an undisclosed price. He'll only say he had to throw down a few Benjamin’s for Larry.

I called the aquarium. They didn't want it, but they told me how to release it.  

So don, Larry and a couple others went for a boat ride Tuesday.

We found him a nice spot about 25-to-30 feet deep. There are a lot of rocks around there that will hopefully dodge the draggers; he's too big to fit into a lobster pot.

Larry's new home is also a secret for his own protection. Both Larry and Don are now inspirations.

We'll go let one go. It makes you feel a little better, contribute back to the population.