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Mendte – The Colorado Shooter Is Evil

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Just imagine being in that movie theater.  A Mom or a Dad feeling like a hero because you got your child tickets to the very first public showing in the area of the new Batman movie. Many of the children are dressed up like Batman. The excitement the happiness is palpable.  Applause breaks out as the movie begins and you sit back ready to get lost in a fantasy battle between good and evil.

And then real evil kicks open the door. Monsters are real, there he was, with a helmet, a gas mask, guns and bombs.  His only goal to kill and create terror.

Choking smoke filled the theater.  Bullets and screams soon followed.  Infants and children were bleeding, lives were lost, and lives were changed forever.

The smoke has long cleared. The wounded treated and the monster will never be free. But, the horror remains.  Not in the eternal question of why. But in the answer we never seem to want to hear  that evil is and evil always will be.

Some will blame American society, although there are more violent countries.  Some will call for new gun laws that will do little.  Some will say we need more guns, which is insane.

The answer remains the same, evil is and evil always will be. In reality, just like in a movie, evil always loses in the end, but will cause a lot of heartache before it is stopped.

Our irrational fear comes because it is so random.  We should take solace that it is so rare.

Mourn for the dead and wounded, feel for the families and live your life.  There is nothing to be gained from trying to make sense of something that makes no sense at all.

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