Jaco – Paterno’s Culture Of Corruption Is Over

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Despite Joe Paterno's legacy of covering up child rape "pedophile state" university did not get the death penalty. Penn State will still be allowed to play major college football. They've been fined sixty million bucks. All of Paterno's wins from 1998 until 2011 have been wiped from the record books. Penn State can't play in bowl games for four years. But it's not enough.

Penn State's culture of corruption and disregard for the welfare of child sex abuse victims rivals that of the Vatican. The report on Penn State by former FBI director Louis Freeh turns your stomach. Paterno, the president of Penn State and other higher-ups knew they had a sexually psychotic child predator on their hands in assistant coach coach Jerry Sandusky.

But, they kept his crimes quiet and covered it up. The reasons were simple. If word got out it would demolish the reputation of Penn State Football. And Penn State Football generates 60 million dollars in revenue a year to the university. The same size as the NCAA fine. The big ten's also piling on it's own penalties.

Jerry Sandusky is in jail.  He is convicted of child sex abuse. The Penn State establishment is also guilty. The NCAA should have outlawed Penn State from college football, forever. Anyone who knew about Sandusky should be prosecuted for felony conspiracy. That would send a message to some people who think, "Hey, it's no big deal."

Among those people, University of Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel. At the media day for Southeast Conference coaches last Tuesday Pinkel called Paterno, "A great man." Pinkel said what happened at penn state was, "A tragic situation involving children."

 Earth to coach Pinkel, it was criminal behavior involving child rape.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.