Bernthal – Tough Times No Excuse For Crime

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - It can happen anywhere but I brought my chair to a neighborhood where an innocent life was taken.

This is where a pizza delivery worker was gunned down.  

The crime is not only upsetting but it should be enraging.

Instead, when I talked with some folks in this neighborhood they said well, times are tough, people will do desperate things.

How disturbing is that attitude.  Jobs are hard to find so killing someone is okay?

I know hard working folks who have a hard time making ends meet and would never commit a crime much less take a life.

We should applaud them for what they do and never excuse anyone who thinks taking a short cut won't hurt anyone else.

Just ask the friends of a murdered pizza deliver man how they feel.

I'm JB and that's the way it oughta be.