St. Louis Man Mauled By Chimps Moved To Another Hospital

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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (CNN) - The St. Louis man mauled by two chimps in South Africa will moved to a hospital in Johannesburg, some 180 miles from the clinic where he has been since Thursday.  The doctors treating Andrew Oberle told his parents he would get better care at a larger facility.

He will be transported to the hospital on Thursday.  It's not known yet if he will be taken by ambulance or helicopter.

The 26 year old grad student has already undergone 2 surgeries, including a 6 hour surgery to clean out the wounds he suffered when he was attacked by two chimpanzees after stepping into a restricted area while leading a tour at Jane Goodall's Chimp Sanctuary.

His parents arrived on Saturday and were said to be traumatized up seeing their son.

Andrew is in stable condition but remains sedated in the intensive care unit.

If you want to help Andrew, you can go to THE Help Andrew Oberle Facebook page, by clicking here.