Mendte: Drone Wars

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - You`ve heard of the clone wars? That`s science fiction. Get ready for the drone wars. And that`s real.  And I’m not talking about the ones we use in war on the other side of the world.

I am talking about the ones we will be seeing flying over our heads in America sooner than you think.  And by sooner I mean now.

There are already a handful of drones in the sky used by the feds as surveillance for international drug smuggling, illegal immigration and terrorism.

By 2020 it`s estimated there will be as many as 30,000 and the 30,000 will not only be used by the federal government but by local law enforcement, private security, even neighborhood watch, actually if you are rich enough you can get a drone.

Recently at a beach party in Miami some people noticed what they thought was a police drone spying on them, it turned out to be privately owned.

You see drones come in all shapes and sizes and the private sector name is uav`s for unarmed airborne vehicles. Are you getting concerned now?  You should.

With 30 thousand drones in the air there are very real fears we will become a surveillance society and what are the rules to protect your privacy?

This week the drone industry released a suggested code of conduct for private drone buyers this week, but it is obvious that new laws are required.

Recently libertarian senator Rand Paul introduced legislation to make it mandatory to get a warrant before law enforcement can send a surveillance drone over private property.

Surprisingly most Americans approve of drones used by law enforcement, as long as they are not used to catch speeders, in other words to can catch other people`s illegal activities, just not mine.

The poll doesn`t really matter though because like it or not the drones are hear and more are coming, they are something to keep an eye on because believe me they will be keeping and eye on you.