Liberty Bell Of The West

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KASKASKIA ISLAND, IL. (KPLR) - It's called the liberty bell of the west and it rang to celebrate liberation from the British back in 1778.  FOX2 Multimedia Journalist Wade Smith takes us to its Illinois home.

This summer there will be large lines to see America’s most famous bell.  But closer to home there is a older and maybe a more historic bell.

And best of all, there is usually no waiting to see this piece of American history.

The bell is located about 80 miles south of St. Louis on Kaskaskia Island Illinois.  Just over a bridge on the island is the bell, it's the only part of Illinois west of the Mississippi.

A shift in the mighty river more than 100 years ago left this part of Illinois on the other side of the big river.

On July 4 1778, this bell rung celebrating the defeat of British forces by the Americans.  Liberation from the British had spread west and the bell rang long, loud and clear on that July 4th independence day.

A country might not know the historic value of this place and its bell.  Maybe someday the rest of the world will learn what the locals here already know.

Wade Smith FOX2 NEWS