Jacology: Fundamentalist

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(KPLR) - Since the zombies walking around in revolutionary war costumes whining about how our freedoms are being stolen have been busily trying to steal patriotic holidays for themselves, I’d like to offer a counterpoint about why they're wrong.

Most of these types like to talk about the constitution. Specifically, they talk about the constitution as if it was carved in stone and sealed under glass, never to be changed. The only amendments they like are the second, which gives them the right to carry guns while they're playing George Washington dress-up and the tenth amendment, which gives power to the states.

They don’t seem to be too crazy about all the new-fangled stuff. You know the 14th amendment that declared black folks are citizens and have the right to vote the 17th amendment that gave voters the right to directly elect senators rather than having them appointed by state legislatures, the 19th amendment, that gave women the right to vote.

These dress up and pretend types are fond of quoting the founding fathers. So here's a quote from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to an Englishman, explaining the U.S. constitution. Jefferson wrote that laws enacted now, may not work well in the future, which is why the constitution can be amended and changed. Jefferson wrote, quote, ‘the creator has made the earth for the living, not the dead”.

And when you get down to it, that's what a lot of these constitutional fundamentalists seem afraid of. America is becoming less white, more brown and black.  America is becoming less religious. America fifty years from now will be a lot different than it is today and like all fundamentalists, these strict constructionists are merely afraid of the future.
I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.