Golf On This Hot 4th Of July

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - This has been a hot Fourth of July.  For many the triple digit temperatures were the uninvited guests to their holiday plans.  Reporter Kurt Labelle went on a search to see what St. Louisians did on this triple digit 4th of July.

Whether it was Forest Park or Creve Coeur Lake, only the very few exercise diehards were spotted running and biking despite the record breaking heat Wednesday.  But another group of diehards were out in full force on this holiday, the golfers.

Creve Coeur's nine-hole public course was wide open this afternoon with the thermometer hitting 104 at times.  But there were the dedicated few that were enjoying a quick round of golf on their 4th of July away from work.

One golfer said his wife called him crazy as he left the house to get a solo round in.  Another golfer, after putting on the final hole, told me his decision to come out an play golf was not the best decision he's ever made.

However, there were several enthusiastic players that said it wasn't that bad outside today and that the biggest advantage to playing when it's 100 degrees outside is the course is never crowded.