Brush Fire Breaks Out In O’Fallon IL. Mobile Home Park

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O’Fallon, IL. (KPLR) - O'Fallon firefighters say a mobile home fire on Wednesday afternoon was a true sign of just how dangerous conditions are right now.  A vacant trailer that was in the process of being scrapped caught fire.  Flames spread to damage the outside of a trailer next door and even skipped a street before scorching the ground next to gas station.

"You have to use extreme caution with fireworks because it doesn't take much to get a fire going," said Chief Brent Saunders, O'Fallon, IL. Fire Department.

He said firefighters had to be covered in protective gear just to get close to this fire because the heat was so extreme.

"It felt like being in a frying pan," said one resident who called 911.

Corey George started hosing down his trailer with water just to keep it from being a target for the flames that spread.

Residents praised firefighters for keeping the flames from spreading to other trailers where children live but still have concerns over how it started.

Chief Saunders says his department will investigate what happened but suspects it will be difficult to find a definitive cause.

The chief says there are reports a couple of homeless people might have been using the trailer.  No one was hurt.