Lone Dolphin Biting Residents In Louisiana

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SLIDELL, LA. (CNN) - A lone dolphin living in gated, waterfront community in Slidell, Louisiana has attracted a lot attention in recent weeks.  But after a series of biting incidents, residents are learning he's no Flipper.
Heath Allen reports.  

It doesn't take a lot to get a little show from the dolphin out here in lakeshore estates, in fact, just ask Greg Walters.

Every time a boat comes out or a jet ski comes by, he rides right next to it.

Greg and most of his neighbors just call it the dolphin. He's pretty much taken up residence behind Greg’s house ever since hurricane Katrina. Folks that live here understand.. But this show off attracts a lot of people.

They think they can jump in the water and swim with it and play with it, and again if they get too close, sometimes a little nip.  

And that's been the problem.. Residents have reported being bitten several times as long as a year ago..

The inlaws, my son in law jumps in maybe a little bit too close to him thinking and goes out thinking they're going to have a good swim with the dolphins, and starts yelling he bit me.

Last year, at just about this time, the dolphin took Greg’s 26 year old niece by the hand.

Scared her so much that, you know she pulled her hand out and caught a tooth in her hand, ripped her hand open and had to have stitches.   

Signs are up along the lakeshore canals warning people to keep their distance. And some believe the dolphin is more than lone but lonely and maturing.

There's several dolphins out toward Lake Borgne.  They could move it out there, but they believe if they move it from its habitat it's going to die.

So Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and NOAA fisheries experts will meet with residents to answer question and offer whatever solutions might be available. Greg will tell you most locals like the dolphin people just need to understand that he is not trained and he is a creature of the wild.

(reporter: This isn't Flipper.)
It's not Flipper.

And until something changes.. This show boat docks in lakeshore estates.

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