Keeping Cool During Hot Temps

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The oppressive heat has its sweaty grip wrapped tightly around the St. Louis area.  Young and old played in the water at City Garden.  One woman said of the heat, 'It`s torturous.'  A man nearby added, 'Yeah, it`s miserable.'

Health officials worry about folks who are forced to work in the heat.  Pam Walker, the director of the St. Louis City Health Department said, 'O.S.H.A. says it takes about 14 days for a body to acclimate to this kind of heat in the work place they might think it was hot yesterday I`m okay now I`m use to it. It really takes the body 14 days to acclimate.'

Ouida Brown, a letter carrier said the heat is a challenge, 'It`s bad enough to go a block and take a break do another block and take a break...even when you been off for a day you still have to get acclimated.'

The first victims of the heat are likely to be people who are determined to mow their lawns at high noon because that`s when they always do it no matter how hot it is.  Walker said, 'What we typically see in the hospital emergency rooms are people who are in their fifties or even younger who don`t curtail their activities to early morning or evening.'

If people don`t heed the warnings and patients begin showing up in hospitals because of the heat it`s likely health officials will start a door to door campaign.

Randy Grim and his Stray Rescue crews were on a mission: to keep animals safe in the miserable heat.  By noon Thursday they had come to the aid of some puppies, but some of man`s best friends were not as fortunate. Grim said, 'I`ve seen three dead dogs already assuming it`s because of the heat.'

At a home on the city`s north side Grim, with the help of police, rescued a dog that apparently was living in stifling conditions.  Grim said his organization is so busy he needs help from animal lovers, 'Right now our shelter is at full capacity and the only way we can rescue some more is if people come and adopt or foster a dog for us.'

Stray Rescue will hold an adoption event at its facility this Saturday.

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