Jacology: Obamacare Is Legal

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(KPLR) - In the biggest surprise since the cardinals came from ten games out to win last year's series, the United States Supreme Court says the vast majority of Obamacare is legal.
What's this mean to you? A lot.

First off, it means the federal government can require you to have health insurance, the same way  the state can require you to have automobile  insurance. It also means the federal government can slap you with a fine as part of your federal tax returns. You can get by without purchasing insurance, if you just decide to pay the yearly fine instead.

This also means each state now has to have what's called a health insurance exchange. That's a marketplace, online offering various kinds of health insurance for various prices. It’s supposed to let consumers shop on line for the best deal. Missouri lawmakers have refused to set up a health care exchange. If they don't, the feds will do it for them.

If you have children under age 26 and if they live at home they're automatically covered under your health police. Insurance companies can not refuse to write a health insurance policy for you because of a pre-existing condition. And insurance companies will have to spend at least over 80 per-cent of their budgets on actual health care.

The entire health care law doesn’t kick in until January, 2014. That means individuals, businesses owners and state lawmakers have a year and a half to get all this up and running. By then, let's see if we look back and wonder what all the screaming and yelling was about.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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