Homeless Cool Off At The Galleria

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO(KPLR)-- As the temperatures hit triple digits, the Reverend Larry Rice found an usual cooling center for the homeless.

From the hot streets of downtown St. Louis Rev. Rice put the homeless in vans earlier Thursday and took them to the county to cool off inside The Galleria.

Around 35 of them entered the Richmond Height's mall shortly before noon.

It's not just about keeping the homeless comfortable in this oppressive heat, Rice is also trying to make a point.

He says since St. Louis County is always sending its homeless to the city it's only fair they are going back to the county.

He says the homeless aren't just walking the mall, they are also job hunting.

Rice plans to bring the homeless to the Galleria for the next few days as the temperatures stay above 100 degrees.

He says the homeless have also been supplied money so they can eat at the Galleria.

He says so far he has not been met with opposition from the mall management.

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