Mendte – Alec Baldwin Bullied By The Media

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - Alec Baldwin is a movie star and his appearances on Saturday Night Live showed he is also a wonderful comic actor. That led to his starring role in a sitcom, "30 Rock".  Baldwin is so talented that he can stay gainfully employed even when he ticks off large segments of the population at a time

First he angered republicans and conservatives when he said he would leave the country if George Bush became president. They were even angrier that Baldwin stayed in the country after Bush won.  And then Baldwin angered a lot of women when a tape was made public of him berating his daughter on the phone.

Still Baldwin's star shines, when others would have flamed out. Then came this picture of alec Baldwin allegedly hitting a new york daily news photographer. Baldwin denies it .  He says the photographer was harassing him and his fiancé.

For three days the daily news stayed after Baldwin. Making him appear to be the new basket case star

I don't pretend to know what happened between Baldwin and the photographer. The NYPD will sort that out. But I do know that paparazzi and celebrity photographers can cross the line to aggravate a good shot. Even the normally mild mannered Meryl Streep slugged a photographer who was taking photographs of her children.

I do know that the Daily News has stalked Alec Baldwin since the incident.  They have featured him in the paper in an unflattering way everyday since.

We talk about bullying; This is media bullying. I know, I know they are allowed freedom of the press and all.  But just because you have the right doesn't make it right. Again I'm not certain Alec Baldwin was right or wrong. But I know this is wrong.


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