What Matters Most: Finding A Job

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(KPLR) - Life Coach Dieter Pauwels joins us for our segment What Matters Most. Friday, the focus is on jobs and how to create a great job or career.

How to create a great job or career

Research indicates that more than 75 percent of the jobs are not being advertised, yet most people still follow the traditional way to find their next job or career by responding to standard job advertisements. The majority of jobs today are being filled through relationships.  

Life Coach Dieter Pauwels is here to share some useful career tips.

1) Get Clear

What would your ideal job or career look like? What is important to you in a job? Next you want to determine the field or industry you’d like to work in based on your personal interests, your skills, passions, abilities etc.

2) Learn

Learn as much as you can about your chosen field or industry.  How can you make a contribution based on your unique background, skills, education, experience and talents in the context of their needs?

3) Connect

Start building relationships – both offline and online. They key is to find creative ways to get in front of your future employer. Strong communication skills are a must have if you want to network your way into your next job.

You can connect with Life Coach Dieter Pauwels by clicking here.

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