Unbelievable Luxury Car Accident In Chicago

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CHICAGO, IL. (CNN) - Talk about a costly mistake.  A man returning a rented BMW accidentally drove through a guardrail at a parking garage in Chicago and landed on top of a Mercedes Benz and a Jaguar.
Apparently, the driver was trying to park, but he hit the gas instead of the brakes.

The luxury car pileup looked and sounded like something out of a movie.  

"All of a sudden, boom, this huge crash."

A CBS-2 news writer happened to be exiting the garage right when it happened.

"I was really afraid for my life because that car nearly hit me."
 "Lucky for you, the Jaguar took the brunt of it."
"Right, so the Jaguar and another expensive car were the victims"

The owner of the jaguar, who returned with shopping bags to find this... Was none too pleased.

 "What did you say to the man who did this?"
"I haven't even seen the idiot... excuse me."

And when the owner of the Mercedes arrived.

"Oh, my God. It's my car... ugh. This is bad. This is really bad."

Mari Moreria works at Spanish language radio station 107.9 La Ley, along with host Raul Bernal.

 "You guys will have something to talk about tomorrow."
"Yes, we can tell our listeners"
"I do the news in the morning and I'm gonna say 'Hello, I was part of the news.'"

The driver of the BMW did not want to talk on camera, but told me he was returning a car he rented for business when he hit the gas instead of the brake.

Once the BMW was hoisted off, the Mercedes emerged damaged but drivable.
The jaguar didn't fare so well and this woman's shopping trip came to a frustrating end.  
The driver of the rented car was cited for driving too fast for conditions.

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