Water Garden Tour Stops In Town And Country

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TOWN & COUNTRY, MO (KPLR) - When Debbie Wilhelm wants to see a beautiful waterfall, all she has to do is walk out her backdoor.

"We just enjoy the peacefulness, listening to the water," says Wilhelm.

The Wilhelm’s wound up with the idea for a waterfall after taking a long vacation a few years back.

"When we had moved in here 11 years ago  we just had this huge hill and we were like this can be a sledding hill or something that we enjoy more than a couple of times a year.  So we decided to put in a pond."

Two years later, with the help of design company Nature's Re-Creations, they came up with an outdoor oasis in Town and Country.  And you can take it in yourself as part of something called Pond-o-Rama.

'I think the idea behind it, and this is just my personal take, is to introduce people to the joys of ponds and water gardening and waterfalls."

The St. Louis Water Gardening Society is sponsoring the weekend whistle stops of all things wet.  There's 45 locations around the metropolitan area for St. Louisans to sample.

Not only can a pond provide a relaxing addition to your property but introducing water, fish and plants into your ecosystem can be enjoyable all year long.

"I love to listen to the water.  I just think it's so calming and relaxing and sit up in the shade somewhere and listen to the water and see all the different paths that the water is taking."

And sometimes that's all we need, is a little nature, especially if it's right outside your backdoor.

Website: Pond-O-Rama Tour

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