Man’s Wallet Returned After 67 Years

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MICHIGAN (CNN) - A man in Michigan got a surprise that was nearly 70 years in the making.
He lost his wallet back in the 1940’s in New Hampshire, and, this week, he finally got it back.
Aaron Baskerville has the incredible story.

"This house, which was right across the street from the schoolhouse."

A reunion 67 years in the making for 81-year-old Warren Houghton of Texas Township.  
A special package arriving from New Hampshire.
"Lots of memories. Lots of memories."

Photos from 1944 of his family stuffed in his old wallet and an old baseball glove.

"My name and where we lived. Cornish Flat New Hampshire. This is my mother."

There was even an old letter from his half-sister written to the then 14-year-old and I’m sure you're wondering if there was money inside.

"Oh no. There wasn't any in there when I married him and I said there won't be any in there then."
"A baseball glove. An ax and your wallet."
first came a phone call from a stranger with the news.  A letter inside the package also explains it all.  How someone found an old wallet during construction at a Masonic temple in Cornish Flat New Hampshire.  

The former old one room schoolhouse of Houghton.  He lived across the street as a child.

"This guy chasing me. He had to look at the whole country."

The Navy veteran doesn't remember losing his wallet.  Shaking his head is disbelief.  Emotional at times. But mostly grateful someone took the time to find him. Giving him rare photos of some who aren't here anymore.

"It was unbelievable; it blew me out of the water."

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