Lionel – Sandusky And The OJ Factor

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - I hate armchair legal experts who watch a trial like Jerry Sandusky's, who never stepped foot into the courtroom, who have no idea of witness statements and police investigations. Nothing, but they go on TV and they comment on what Joe Amendola, the lawyer for the soon to be convicted child rapist, should or shouldn't do.

That being said, every lawyer must make sure that first, a client will do what the lawyer says. No questions asked and second, every client must ask does my lawyer have any idea of what the hell he's doing? Is this some publicity stunt? Am I the vehicle for this clown getting his name on TV? Is that all I represent to this guy who represents me?

Now, first. Here's what it all comes down to: when you're charged with something as awful as this, when you have absolutely no defense, you go deep cover as in underground. You hide, you run silent, run deep. The media will lose interest in you sooner than you think because they and the people have the attention span of a gnat. And you never ever go on Bob Costas, facebook, twitter, blogs nothing. You become hermetic. And the same goes for spouses and children. You say absolutely, positively nothing never, ever. Your lawyer says nothing in public, on TV, radio, facebook, tweets, blogs, nothing. Now, if you happen to be that innocent or railroaded client, maybe talk. Maybe sway or taint or contaminate a potential jury pool, but those cases are virtually nonexistent.

When you have a high profile defendant client, the hardest part is trying to take that person off the pedestal, bring them down from the mountain, down from on high and try to contain the hubris, the delusion of impenetrability and special status that they think they have.

Let me also throw into the mix this little idea morsel. Sandusky and a host of famous defendants are psychopaths, incapable of appreciating consequence. So insane is their delusion of being special and the like, that they truly believe they're above the law, above the critics and above and beyond reproach. And throw into the mix this weird belief that penn state coaches and students and alums enjoy a berth in the moral stratosphere, that they're different, special. We're not you, we're Penn State. I'm a Yankee. I'm a Republican. I'm, we're Americans.

So take that plus a psychopath sexual predator, a lousy, two-but media whore lawyer, who's never tasted the big time, throw in the lure of the camera and what I call the o.J. Phenomenon. O.J. Simpson said that he wasn't guilty or responsible for so long that he actually started to believe it. But o.J. was smart. Sandusky is a boeotian, a big lug, a schlub and lummox hidden by this holier than thou crew who somehow conflated a college football team with virtue. That's the mess that is Jerry Sandusky who will be found guilty and packed away and sent to live among people who don't take kindly to what he's done. Comment.

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