2 Florida Bears Battle It Out In A Yard

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SEMINOLE CO., FL (CNN) - A pair of black bears spar in the middle of a Central Florida yard. Folks in the Seminole County community say they're used to seeing bears roam around the neighborhood.

But they say they've never seen anything like this.

Dave McDaniel shows us the video.

Call it a waltz, a fight, or a test of wills.

The video of the two bears in this Longwood neighborhood is amazing, even to people who live around here and see bears all the time.

He says, "Mom, you're not going to believe it. There are two big bears out there fighting." So, of course, we get up and run out.

By the time she got outside, much of it was over. But thankfully, her neighbor has this footage. We shipped it to state wildlife officials, who say it's something rarely seen.

They aren't even sure what to make of it, except that a couple of younger males may have been working to establish territory.

They have been up on their hind legs, going after one another. There was blood. I mean, they were mean to one another.

They were fighting and pawing, and all I saw was black fur.

You can't have two adult bears dancing around like that without having something left behind. Look at all of the huge paw prints in this flower bed. And this bush over here was twice as big, and not nearly as torn up until they got done with it. Even so, Tammy Snell says she likes having the wildlife around.
We love to see them. I mean, we're going to keep our pace from them. I mean, we're not going to go up to them and say, "Here, bear, have a cookie," but we love to see them.

The bears ended up behind another set of bushes, rolled over the air conditioner, and then, just seemed to amble away.

They start looking over here at me like, "Do you want some of this?' So I'm like, "OK. I'm getting my door."

No harm no foul. The bears just took off. Not at a dead run. Just moving along.

Some neighborhood history caught on video.

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