Mendte – NBC Has A Problem With Unfortunate Edits

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - NBC has been having a lot of problems with video recently.

This week prosecutors in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse trial outside of Penn State uncovered this video edited out of the bizarre phone interview sandusky gave to Bob Costas.

NBC edited out a pretty damning statement.  Because of that it was never used at the sandusky trial. NBC doesn`t have a good answer for the edit but it sounds like a colossal screw up.

Then there was the video of Mitt Romney talking about a visit to a convenience store in Pennsylvania that Andrea Mitchell used on MSNBc to make Mitt Romney look Rich and out of touch.

It turns out they selectively edited the clip to make him look out of touch.

AndreA Mitchell AKA Mrs. Alan Greenspan, attacked someone for being rich and out of touch?  Really?  That`s like Lovey attacking Thurston Howell the third for being out of touch. After criticism Mitchell did play the unedited clip the next day, but never apologized.

Then there was the worst offense, when NBC edited the 911 call of George Zimmerman before he killed Trayvon Martin.  It seems clear NBC was trying to make Zimmerman sound like a racist.

Three NBC employees were fired over the Martin Debacle but that didn`t seem to solve the problem.  Who`s in charge there?  Steve Capus is the president of NBC News.   Perhaps he needs to spend some time looking over the editors themselves.


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