Jaco – Bath Salts Take The Drug War To A New Scary Place

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - We Americans don't have a drug problem. We have a life problem. many of us think our lives stink. So we medicate ourselves to do something about it. Tobacco, booze, drugs, you name it. But we're now in the middle of something new. A new kind of drug developed by advanced chemistry that acts like an unholy mash up of meth, crack, ecstasy, and maybe a little drain cleaner.

I am speaking, of course, of methylendioxypyrovalerone. Probably mixed with mephedrone, methelone, and whatever else might be lying around the lab. these are the primary constituents in a lot of what are called, synthetic drugs. Better known as, bath salts. You smoke 'em, you snort 'em, you shoot 'em, and you go bats.

There's the homeless guy in Miami who ate another guys face. Or the tweaker in Mississippi who skinned himself alive. Or the guy in West Virginia who stabbed a baby goat to death while dressed in woman's underwear. Balt salts, it seems, often result in textbook psychotic behavior, accompanied by a surge in physical strength. You can see how this is a dangerous combination.

ADvanced chemists create compounds like bath salts by taking the molecules for illegal drugs, and re-arranging them. The resulting drug may be powerful, and dangerous. and because of the altered chemical composition, it is legal. At least until cities and states and maybe the feds get around to making it illegal. In which case, the drug designers just move a few more molecules around.

We've seen a lot unjustified hysteria about the war on drugs over the past few decades. This time, it seems the hysteria may actually be justified.

I'm Charles Jaco and That's Jacology.

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