Poison Control Bracing For Busy Summer

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- The Missouri Poison Center at Cardinal Glennon Children`s Medical Center is bracing for a busy summer.  It`s the time of the year when calls for help jump dramatically. 

Julie Weber is director of the center, "As the summer months hit us, we see an increase in our call volume as well as the type of calls that come in to the poison center specialists." 

She said they'll get about 3,000 extra calls during the summer.  Just last month there were 56 reports of spider bites. Since March, 58 people said they've been bitten by snakes in Missouri.

Weber said, "We really have seen an increase in snake bites this year.  I think with our early warmer temperatures as well as the hot steamy weather we're having now, snakes are out."

Mistaking colorful chemicals for a refreshing drink could make a child's life miserable.  If children drink Tiki Torch fuel instead of the similar looking apple juice they cold suffer chemical pneumonia. If youngsters confuse windshield wipe solution for a sports drink, the result can be life altering. 

Weber explains, "A child's mouthful of windshield washer fluid can cause blindness, so we really have to be cautious with these products." 

The poison center welcomes calls. One call could save a life or with the information they have, a trip to the hospital could be prevented. Center specialists are able to help people treat victims at home.

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