Skate King Holds Annual Rolling For Backstoppers

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)– Folks are lacing on the skates Wednesday night for a good cause, Backstoppers. Money raised will go to the families of officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

This Rolling for Backstoppers event is in its 3rd year of fundraising on roller skates. But during this year’s event, a new type of wheel is getting into the act.

The 3rd Annual Rolling for Backstoppers opened its doors to hundreds of roller skaters with the hope of making this year’s event the most successful yet.

The ethical society of police hopes the fundraising at this event increases because fundraising for Backstoppers is so crucial to counter the violence towards local police officers.

This event also offers the St. Louis city residents a chance to show their support for their local police, firefighters and emergency responders. A relationship the city of St. Louis is always looking to improve on.

Wednesday night’s event at the Skate King in north city is the first of three Rolling for Backstoppers events this week.

In addition to a party on Friday night, there is a motorcycle ride on Saturday hosted by the regulators motorcycle club, a local group that decided they wanted in on an event like this to change their own image as bikers within the community.

The regulators also want in on the message that Rolling for Backstoppers sends to the St. Louis city community.

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