Internet Getting New Domain Names

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(CNN) – Dot-com is so 20 years ago. Get ready for a new crop of domain names as the internet prepares for its biggest expansion ever. The internet is about to get a lot more wordy. The organization that keeps the web in order, has unveiled a list of potential new domains.

Right now, only 21 of these major internet suffixes exist. Think dot-com and dot-biz.   

That limits the possibilities.  

Dot-com is the one everyone wants. Other things that you can have – dot-org, dot-gov – nobody wants them. What the international agency that runs this has done is allow you to roll your own, for a lot of money you can buy your own domain, and do anything with it, you want.   

The internet corporation for assigned names and numbers received almost 2,000 applications. They’re calling the upcoming expansion their biggest yet.

Not surprisingly, the list includes requests from tech giants like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Other household names include Netflix, and automakers Chrysler and Volkswagen.  
And some signs of the times, like “dot- l-o-l.”

Applications weren’t cheap. The 185,000 dollar cost goes towards technical and legal hurdles each name has to clear before hitting the web.   

And multiple applicants for a single name among them, dot-web, dot-app, and dot-sport, will have to negotiate.

Internet users should start seeing new domains next spring.

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