Nevada Skateboard Competition Encourages Kids To Better In School

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RENO, NV. (CNN) - An unusual tournament helps encourage kids to do better in the classroom. Ben Briscoe reports organizers believe their already making progress, getting through to skaters.

"Alright, Lexi dropping in over by the volcano."
people in the skating world...
"Nice manual over the manual pad."
...already can seem like they speak a foreign language
"Tres flips, bigs...things like that."
but this new "making the grade" tournament in Reno is about to sound even more unusual.
"You guys' responsibility is to deliver on your grades."
The scores here are based on not only how competitors do on the track but also their grades in the classroom.
"We can find them here at skate parks at 3 or 4 o'clock in the evening trying tricks all the way till the evening time. If we can go ahead and make them understand that that same sort of effort put into grades, put into the classroom, they can make a significant impact in their lives."
The idea seems to be making a difference.
"I messed up, this year, and so I barely got in, so next year I'm gonna work harder."
while some are motivated to do better, others found a new pride in the good grades they've already been making.
"I mean, that's pretty cool, because there's a lot of really good guys I skate with who can't be in it, so it kinda eases the pressure off."
many parents have also seen their kids take it to heart like the Wood's son Tyler, who has gone from DS to BS.
"He's been working really hard since he heard about this to get his grades up." "I know he's just needed a little kick. Kids nowadays are just a little hard to get that motivated."
and thanks to this tournament, some skaters are now just as likely to be talking about their next math test as they are a competitor's big trick.
"Sierra's definitely got her ollies down."

Event organizers say it was so successful they're considering putting on a similar snowboarding event in the wintertime.