Mendte: Evil Soda

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - Remember when soda was considered all American? When did it become evil?

Soda is under attack by our government as a way of tackling the obesity problem. The same government that feels the right to meddle in your business, your bedroom and your home now wants to get between you and what you put in your mouth.

New York is the first city to ban large and extra large sodas in fast food and other restaurants, the two giant burgers, super sized fries, hot apple turnover, even a shake is fine just don`t get a large soda.

I know ridiculous.  But that won`t stop other cities from doing the same thing.

There was a sugary drinks convention in the nation`s capital attended by government officials from other cities and the ban was described as brave and bold.

You see politicians love to do things that make them look good and feel good but in reality does no good.
Aside from the common sense argument that banning soda is useless; because in reality it plays a small part in the overall obesity problem.

The deeper question is freedom,  are people allowed to be  fat if the rest of us have to contribute to pay for the medical problems that go along with it, because that is the rationale being used for the ban.

So can the government then force you on a diet and limit your intake of other foods, can the government require you to practice safe sex,  how about mandatory sunscreen in the summer, the list is endless.

The real question is how much freedom is you willing to give up making America healthy?

You need to think about that; because it is possible that the things that make you feel good will be taken away to make a politician feel good.