Man Runs Into Burning Building And Saves Dog

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (KPLR)- 'His skin was peeling right off.'  That`s how one resident of the Hallmark Apartment complex in South St. Louis County described a fire victim running out of his unit.

'He wasn`t` screaming in pain he was more in shock,' said Todd Willis.  'He ran back in to get his dog but we screamed for him not to go.'

That fire victim rescued his dog then a short time later an ambulance took the fire victim to a hospital.

He had burns over most of his body.

The apartment unit is located just north of Lindbergh in the 28-hundred block of Lemay Ferry.

Investigators quickly determined the fire was the result of, 'Improperly disposal of smoking materials,' said Mehlville Fire District`s Deputy Chief Tim Dempsey.  'We`re certain that it started in an upstairs bedroom.'

Residents praised firefighters for a quick response.  The fire was confined to the bedroom.

John Looney called 911 while his neighbor knocked on doors making sure everyone else was out of the apartment building.

'We look out for our neighbors,' said Looney.

Matt Duggan saw thick black smoke pouring out of the bedroom window where the victim lives.

'You could smell it in our building too because it was so heavy,' said Duggan.

He and his fellow neighbors were just hoping the victim will survive.

First responders did not know the medical condition of the man as of late Sunday afternoon.