Grad Student Hikes 2,500 Miles For Kids

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-A Washington University grad student is hiking more than 2,000 miles for a good cause. In March, Washington University grad student Michael McLaughlin took off on a long road trip, 2,500 miles and 6 months long to be exact. He's doing it all by foot across the Appalachian and Ozark Trails.

His goal is in part  to raise money for the St. Louis Family Resource Center, an organization that helps abused children. McLaughlin, who was abused as a child, felt the need to help others. McLaughlin keeps supporters in the loop by posting on his Facebook page and blog.

"I myself was abused as a child, both physically and mentally, and there are a lot of kids out there right now who are being abused," said hiker Michael McLaughlin.

Standing Bear is the name McLaughlin picked up during his hike and it's one he's proud of.  He's racked up over 1,200 miles on an injured ankle and refused to give up.

The second cause McLaughlin is walking for is to raise money to support a school for the blind in Africa. There are still hundreds of miles to go but this McLaughlin is determined to meet his goal.To help give a voice to those who need it.

"I feel its my duty to be their voice and talk about the problems they're going through."said McLaughlin.

More than $16,000 dollars has been raised so far.

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