Troy Residents Urged To Cut Back On Water Usage

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TROY, MO (KPLR)-- The city of Troy, Missouri is under a water alert because of a problem with their wells. The alert went into effect Monday afternoon and businesses are listening.

The alert comes after two of the city’s 6 wells went down due to motor problems. One of the two is a main well. 

As a result, all car washes in town are temporarily shut down to limit water use.

Mayor Mark Cross says its key to conserving good quality water to use until the wells are fixed. He also says he has never seen a water shortage situation like what they’ve seen in the last few days.

Text message alerts also went out. Laundromats and restaurant owners say they have not been affected. The alert is specifically targeted to watering lawns, filling pools and washing cars.

The mayor says the repairs for at least one of the wells will start Tuesday and hopefully both will be fixed by the end of the week