Mendte: Democratic Friendly Fire

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) -  Friendly fire may be hurting President Obama’s reelection campaign more than anything the republicans can do.  It’s not just Newark Mayor Corey Booker, but former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Harold Ford Junior, former Obama aide Steve Rattner and now the most famous reindeer of them all former President Bill Clinton.

They all have defended the work of the private equity firm Bain capital, the firm that Mitt Romney was once CEO of the firm that the Obama campaign has attacked in ads as sucking the life out of companies like a vampire, President Clinton disagrees.

Clinton called Romney’s work at Bain, sterling and said he is qualified to be president.  The Obama campaign put out a new ad and never mentions Bain and then they met with President Clinton to try and control the message.

Yeah, good luck with that self-control has never been a Clinton strong suit.
But there might be something else going on Bill Clinton is a brilliant politician and he doesn`t say things by accident.  He is still burning about the 2008 campaign between his wife and candidate Obama.

Recent reports have Bill Clinton calling the president a lightweight and pressuring Hillary to run against him in the primaries.

She declined to do that, but it seems certain that Hillary Clinton is running in 2016.
What would make her candidacy stronger, following a second Barack Obama term or taking on Mitt Romney after one term, it seems that Bill Clinton has already answered that question.

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