Lionel: Bilderberger Meeting

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - Let`s play thought experiment, shall we? Imagine if every year since 1954 NFL or Major League Baseball owners met secretly in various resorts and hotels around the world and denied it. Moreover, assume arguendo that those who asked about it were called nuts, crazy, conspiracy theorists. Every time you mentioned these secret conclaves, they laughed at you. Imagine our American press, even sports media, refusing to even acknowledge this group`s existence. But foreign press reported it and the world was fascinated by it. In fact, assume arguendo in this hypothetical that when these super-secret covens met in other countries their media splashed it on their front pages.

But not a peep from the American media. Ever! Or instead of owners meeting in secret, let`s make it Hollywood studio heads meeting in secret. And you saw pictures and video of Harvey Weinstein, Spielberg, Geffen all driving into the site of the meeting that they denied was occurring and they were crouched down and some even hiding in cars. And further imagine the most extensive security anyone`s ever seen covering this event that they swear was not happening. And this, assume, had been going on every year without fail for 58 years. That would and could never happen, right? Our media would be champing at the bit, just asking: what`s so secret? If they meet fine, but why do they deny it, call us crazy for reporting it and do it before our very eyes? Pretty amazing, huh? Do you know what concluded yesterday?

The Bilderberg conclave in Chantilly, Virginia, wrapped up its 58th annual meeting of the world`s a-list of financiers, world leaders, industrialists, power brokers. It`s held under Chatham house rule and our brain dead, bought-off, clueless, detached and absolutely worthless Ted Baxter sockpuppet media followed its marching orders and said absolutely nothing as it has sworn to do for years, with a few exceptions.

But foreign and alternative media were on fire about it. In fact when Bilderberg rolls into foreign countries their press reports it, but not here. And what`s never, ever, ever mentioned is the Logan act that`s been around since the first Adams administration. It`s a federal felony for unauthorized citizens negotiating with foreign governments.

Go ahead, Google Bilderberg and Logan act. I`ll wait and in the mean time ask yourself this question. This weekend and today there were stories in drudge, even the Washington post of this meeting that, and listen carefully, has been absolutely and flat out denied, denied for decades. And then one day, they said ok, we admit it. You were right and oh, by the way, here`s our website. So what's the big deal about secret societies and meetings?

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