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Jacology: Wisconsin Gov. Recall

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(KPLR) - A dress rehearsal for November is taking place in Wisconsin today. And to just about everyone's surprise, the picture in Wisconsin doesn't look good for democrats, unions or President Obama.

The election is about whether to recall Wisconsin republican governor Scott Walker. Walker was elected in 2010. While campaigning, he never mentioned launching a jihad against Wisconsin’s public employee unions. His fight against the fire and police and teachers and state workers unions only began after he was elected.

He cut back collective bargaining rights of unions. He made sure public employees are forced to hold an election every year to see if they still want to be unionized. Dues could no longer be directly taken from paychecks. Walker claimed it was all to close Wisconsin’s budget gap. Opponents said he was on a right-wing union-busting binge.

So his opponents gathered a million signatures for a recall election. That election’s today. Walker's raised $35 million dollars from out of state, including huge amounts from conservative interests here in Missouri. He's outspent his opponent handily. And the polls show Scott walker will probably survive today's recall and stay in office.

That would be a huge shot in the arm for the GOP. President Obama won Wisconsin easily last time around. If the democrats and unions lose this election, it could suddenly look very bad for them in November in what should have been a safe state.  It would also show that a majority no voters blame unions for Wisconsin’s financial problems. That's wrong, but facts don’t matter much in politics these days.

I’m Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.