Circus Flora Is St. Louis’ One Ring Wonder

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Kelly Borman unexpectedly joined the circus today.

"I read about it in the paper and I had seen that it was nearby where I live so I asked a friend if it was any good and I was told that it was and that it was local and I just happened to come out and they were here," says Kelly Borman.

As in the urban oasis known as, City Garden. That`s where a crowd gathered for an impromptu performance from members of Circus Flora.

"We are excited to be one of the only three cities in the country with our own resident circus," says Joel Emery, Circus Flora`s Executive Director. "We love city garden and everything going on in downtown to the newest jewel of the city to entertain and perform for the lunch crowd."

Workers who wound up at City Garden were greeted by the Bertini Troupe on Unicycles, Luciano`s Pound Puppies, some juggling St. Louis Arches and Nino the clown.

"This is the kind of day that city leaders hope for, people milling about in downtown enjoying their community and the talent that resides in this region," says Patrick Clark.

"People don't realize that we're based here in Saint Louis," says Emery. "We actually don't go to any other cities."

Alex Wallenda is a 7th generation performer. For the past 26 years Circus Flora has been home to his family`s high wire heroics.

"I actually debuted here on the high wire in Saint Louis when I was seven years old and it's a family tradition that continues on and were happy to be a part of Circus Flora and we're happy to be a part of Saint Louis," says Alex Wallenda a modern day member of The Flyimg Wallendas. "It's basically our second home."

And you can`t go wrong with a circus, whether you`re a performer or a prop.

'Cause it's so magical it's so magical I think it brings alive the child inside the wonder,' says Borman.

And this circus will keep putting smiles on St. Louisans faces when they least expect it.

Patrick Clark, News 11.