Mysterious Graffiti Popping Up In St. Louis County

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KPLR)-- Police are trying to figure out who and what are behind the same mysterious graffiti that`s been popping up from Sunset Hills to south St. Louis County in the past 10 days.

A vacant building on Watson Road near Lindbergh in Sunset Hills was hit three times with the design, that appeared to be a masked and/or helmeted character with a question mark over its head.

It appeared that someone had sprayed them on with a stencil.

They started popping up just before Memorial Day and kept coming.

There was one on a bank sign on Lindbergh in South County, another on the Office Depot down the road.

The nearby Rothman and Weekends Only Furniture stores got hit, too.

"We don`t really know what it means. It`s probably some kids, `tagging`," said Alan Needle of Rothman. "Police had told us they`d done about six of them in the vicinity. We got it painted right away, since we didn`t know what it meant, we thought we better get it off the wall."

Passersby called them everything from 'creepy' to 'harmless'.

But that question mark and the number of them popping up made them potentially troubling to police, who were looking at the outbreak as more than a game of trying to figure out what they figures were.

They looked like a Power Ranger from the children`s TV show, or the Iron Man character from movies, or even, "A pig of some sort with a helmet," said Office Depot customer, Tammy Wampler. "The nose; this is his helmet," she said, pointing to its features.

"Most everybody was saying, `oh it looks like an alien`," Needle said. "I was a little different. I had a little different take on it. I thought it reminded me of an aerial view of Speed Racer."

Investigators were talking with school officials to see if they knew whether the graffiti was part of any sort of prank or trend among students.

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